Philadelphia Sofa

My mother was a reasonably well to do woman in the Philadelphia area. She had many pieces of furniture that she purchased years ago that she liked and at that time were “expensive” for her. When she passed away 5 years ago, God rest her soul, I inherited all of her furniture. I had to store most of the furniture due to lack of space. One day my wife and I visited our storage facility for a cause other than to pick up my inherited furniture. When my wife saw my mother’s sofa she went crazy. It would fit in perfectly in our formal room. We brought the sofa home and decided that reupholstering it was our best option, as in addition to wear the sofa had developed a slightly musty smell in storage. We looked online for an experienced upholsterer, and upon finding that D.A. Designs had more than 100 years of combined experience decided to ask them for a quote. They came with an array of different fabrics for us to choose from. After selecting a fabric and explaining what we wanted to do with the sofa, they detailed their capabilities and what they would do in the reupholstering process. When the sofa was delivered we were extremely pleased with the quality, the fabric, and the final price. We are delighted with the final product!

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