Furniture is a very personal thing for most of us, no different than your favorite pair of shoes or dress. You purchased the furniture because you liked the look, the size worked for you, and most of all the comfort was ideal for you. An older piece of furniture will often have a higher quality frame and spring system than newer furniture. Re-upholstery is a great way to keep that quality piece of furniture you like and enjoy so much. We specialize in taking classic, antique items and restoring them back to their original beauty. Whether you would like to restore a timeless appearance or add a new, modern chic to a classic frame, we are skilled in every level of furniture preservation and restoration. The entire look and ambience of a room can be remodeled based on the furniture you select to inhabit it. Everything from vintage antiques to rustic barn wood furniture is with in upholstery scope. Let us help you with reupholstering that piece of furniture. We provide free in-home consultations and will give you an objective critique of the quality of your furniture.


From the smallest detail to the big picture! We get it and will deliver!

San Antonio Upholstery