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My mother was a reasonably well to do woman in the Philadelphia area. She had many pieces of furniture that she purchased years ago that she liked and at that time were “expensive” for her. When she passed away 5 years ago, God rest her soul, I inherited all of her furniture. I had to store most of the furniture due to lack of space. One day my wife and I visited our storage facility for a cause other than to pick up my inherited furniture. When my wife saw my mother’s sofa she went crazy. It would fit in perfectly in our formal room. We brought the sofa home and decided that reupholstering it was our best option, as in addition to wear the sofa had developed a slightly musty smell in storage. We looked online for an experienced upholsterer, and upon finding that D.A. Designs had more than 100 years of combined experience decided to ask them for a quote. They came with an array of different fabrics for us to choose from. After selecting a fabric and explaining what we wanted to do with the sofa, they detailed their capabilities and what they would do in the reupholstering process. When the sofa was delivered we were extremely pleased with the quality, the fabric, and the final price. We are delighted with the final product!


My wife has been a collector of old furniture for years. She found an antique chair that was in usable condition and brought it home. We used the chair for years, and I must say it was very comfortable. When it became thread bare she asked me what I wanted to do with it. It had a high quality frame with very comfortable seating, so I told my wife we should reupholster it. I called D.A. Designs to schedule a home visit, so that they could evaluate the chair and give us an estimate. As fate would have it the chair was over 80 years old, hand made, and very high quality. We selected an appropriate fabric and asked them to reupholster it. The consultant detailed everything they would do to the chair in the restoration process. Being far short of 80, I have no idea what it looked like when it was brand new, but it would have to have been something else to have been more beautiful than it is now. Thanks D.A. Designs!


Our daughter was leaving for college and had an unfurnished apartment. We looked to purchase something new for her, but couldn’t find anything with the quality to withstand college students. My husband suggested we look into reupholstering a well made love-seat he had inherited. I called D.A. Designs and asked for an in-home consultation. The consultant arrived at the arranged time. After evaluating the love-seat, I was assured it was a very well made piece of furniture and would serve my daughter well. The consultant then proceeded to bring a selection of “college age daughter fabrics” to us, so that my daughter could pick one. This delighted my daughter. She (we) made our selection and placed and order. The love-seat was delivered six weeks later, and my finicky daughter was ecstatic. She took the love-seat to college, and it is still holding up well. Thank you D.A. Designs for quality, fabric selection, and price. You are my “Go To People”!


My wife and I decided to have our 13 year old sofa reupholstered. We loved the style and comfort of our sofa, but the condition had deteriorated. D.A. Designs sent a consultant to our home. The selection of fabrics was beyond belief. We discussed at length what our wishes were for the furniture. The consultant explained what could and could not be done to our sofa. Five weeks later our sofa was delivered and we could not believe our eyes. It was absolutely beautiful, better than the day we bought it! Thank you D.A. Designs, a job better than well done.


I have to say, I am just in love with how things turned out. It was just magical waking up this morning in such a beautiful space. Every time I walk in my room I feel so good. It is more than I ever expected! Thank you so much!


We needed new drapes for our new home and DA Designs rose to the rescue and had them ready before we moved in. Thank you!


DA Designs upholstered and restored my grandmother’s sofa, which has been in our family for nearly a hundred years. We were thrilled to say the least.