Classic furniture restored with high quality fabrics and skilled finishing is priceless!


IMG 0597 300x225 - RefinishingIMG 0594 300x225 - Refinishing

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High quality woods in today’s world are becoming a rare item. Many of the seemingly beautiful woods you see are simply inexpensive woods with a veneer applied giving the appearance of high quality wood, or molded plastic that has the appearance of wood. These are becoming more prevalent year by year. We can help you with any wood work you may desire or give you a free analysis of the composition of your furniture if you have any questions or doubts in your mind. Wood work is one of our specialties, from simply cleaning wood and touching it up to complete refinish including striping, bleaching, re-staining and sealing your wood.

Let us assist you with your antique restoration. Whatever your wood needs may be, we are your “go to” people.