Our daughter was leaving for college and had an unfurnished apartment. We looked to purchase something new for her, but couldn’t find anything with the quality to withstand college students. My husband suggested we look into reupholstering a well made love-seat he had inherited. I called D.A. Designs and asked for an in-home consultation. The consultant arrived at the arranged time. After evaluating the love-seat, I was assured it was a very well made piece of furniture and would serve my daughter well. The consultant then proceeded to bring a selection of “college age daughter fabrics” to us, so that my daughter could pick one. This delighted my daughter. She (we) made our selection and placed and order. The love-seat was delivered six weeks later, and my finicky daughter was ecstatic. She took the love-seat to college, and it is still holding up well. Thank you D.A. Designs for quality, fabric selection, and price. You are my “Go To People”!

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