80 Year Old Chair

My wife has been a collector of old furniture for years. She found an antique chair that was in usable condition and brought it home. We used the chair for years, and I must say it was very comfortable. When it became thread bare she asked me what I wanted to do with it. It had a high quality frame with very comfortable seating, so I told my wife we should reupholster it. I called D.A. Designs to schedule a home visit, so that they could evaluate the chair and give us an estimate. As fate would have it the chair was over 80 years old, hand made, and very high quality. We selected an appropriate fabric and asked them to reupholster it. The consultant detailed everything they would do to the chair in the restoration process. Being far short of 80, I have no idea what it looked like when it was brand new, but it would have to have been something else to have been more beautiful than it is now. Thanks D.A. Designs!

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